Happy Apple

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The best tasting cannabis drink ever

This is one Happy Apple.
Washington apples are fostered on crystal clear cascade water and fresh NW air. Combine this factor with SōRSE emulsified Cannabis, and the result is happiness in a bottle.

You can be, too.

Your Apples

In Washington, among other things, we grow really great apples. So it is only "natural" that Happy Apple procures fresh pressed cider made from 100% Washington apples.

Your Cannabis

In Washington, among other things, we also grow really great cannabis. That’s another one of our things. Other states wish they could pay us to send our weed to them so they can pretend they live here… but they can't. So of course Happy Apple uses 100% Washington grown cannabis from the finest growers.

Just the right amount

HAPPY APPLE™ has the perfect amount of THC you’re looking for. Need a light social buzz? Looking for some recreational sipping? Or perhaps something a bit stronger? We got you covered. Expertly hand crafted with 10MG, 50MG or 100MG per 12oz bottle.

Be Good to your lungs


Happy Apple is the perfect recreational cannabis experience for those not inclined to spark up or smoke. There is no haze to waft through as crisp, refreshing, all-natural Happy Apple takes the edge off so you can enjoy a social and festive smoke-free buzz, delivered by the best tasting and enjoyable cannabis product on the market. Made with SōRSE™ emulsion, Happy Apple is free of any cannabis taste or smell. All you'll taste is pure, unfiltered apples.

Where to buy


4 pack of happy apple

There was a time when you could only buy liquor at a State Liquor store. People learned how to make that part of the routine:

Grocery Store, Post Office, Liquor Store, Home.

Buying Happy Apple is that Easy!

Grocery Store, Post Office, Dispensary for Happy Apple, Home.

See? Easy peasy.

Search to Find Happy Apple

Your new favorite all-natural THC drink with zero artificial colors or flavors, is here for your enjoyment!

Happy Apple is carried for sale by recreational marijuana retailers! Call your local Budtender and ask them if they carry Happy Apple!



“Everyday is a Happy Apple day!” Sun’s out? It's Happy Apple season! Grab your pals, a bucket of ice and enjoy a crisp, clean Happy Apple. Cold and rainy? Look at that - Happy Apple season again! Heat up Happy Apple, invite some friends over and you got some warm cider like you have never had before. Enjoy it on its own or as a refreshing mixer, and give your taste buds the treat they're looking for. Happy Apple, your new favorite all natural THC beverage with no artificial colors or flavors is here for your enjoyment!


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